Unlock your team with next-gen editing

Tina is an open-source editor for Jamstack sites

Agnostic and Open-Source

Connect to any data source, edit with Tina.

Visual Editing

Most CMSs feel like a GUI on a database. Tina gives your team a contextual, intuitive experience.

Your Design System & Components

Allow your team to pick from your custom, predefined components to build pages. Maintain a simpler codebase that offers more versatility.

Built for the Jamstack

Tina is designed for the Jamstack with a focus on React-based sites.

Git for the Whole Team

Tina supports content stored in Git. Give the benefits of branching and version-control to the whole team.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Edit with TinaWrite to your content/dataConnect to the single source of truth for your data

Headless CMSs

Connect to a headless CMS for a better content editing experience

Git Repo

Connect to the GitHub API with the Tina GitHub plugin

3rd Party API

Store your content in Airtable, Google Sheets, or any data source

Learn Tina

Learn Tina through Interactive & Fun Tutorials.